• Howard M. Guttman

    For over 25 years, Guttman has helped clients create high-performing, horizontal organizations and teams. We play for real.

    Howard M. Guttman


  • Carol   Bocchino, Ph.D.

    Accelerating performance means decelerating conflict, reducing decision cycle time, minimizing noise, and breaking down silos. Friction is the enemy of speed.

    Carol Bocchino, Ph.D.

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Thomas A. Radice

    For Guttman consultants getting results is half the battle. How you get them is the other half.

    Thomas A. Radice

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • June  A. Halper

    In Guttman’s view, organizations are aligned when they are in sync both vertically and horizontally.

    June A. Halper

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Pete  Elder

    The tipping point for becoming a high-performance team is when peers hold peers—and the leader—accountable for results.

    Pete Elder

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Mark H. Landsberg

    Empowerment puts a heavy burden on leaders, who must ensure that those held accountable for results are prepared to deliver them.

    Mark H. Landsberg

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Jim  Bennett

    Guttman views leadership not as a title or position, but as a set of high-performing, organization-wide behaviors.

    Jim Bennett

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Wendy R. Weidenbaum

    Horizontal organizations don’t just happen.  They are counterintuitive and must be created, which is a central goal of Guttman’s consulting approach.

    Wendy R. Weidenbaum

    Associate Senior Consultant

Creating a Team of Leaders Creating a Team of Leaders

Often, Guttman is retained by clients to coach not just individual executives, but an entire team, as it strives to reach high performance. In the case of Redken USA, then-SVP Patrick Parenty brought us in to align his team.

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Managing Conflict/Influencing -- Ricola, U.S. Managing Conflict/Influencing -- Ricola, U.S.

To meet the challenges of business growth in a tough market, William D. Higgins, president of Ricola U.S., and his team worked with Guttman, used a phased approach to

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Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

James P. Knight is global chief information officer and executive vice president of Chubb Insurance Company, a top-ten global insurance organization that provides a range

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Are You a High-Performance Leader? 

How well do you stack up against our criteria for high-performance leadership? Take the following brief quiz to find out. Answer yes, no, or I don’t know to each of the following questions...

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