• Howard M. Guttman

    For 30 years, Guttman has helped clients create high-performing, horizontal organizations and teams.

    Howard M. Guttman


  • Thomas A. Radice

    For Guttman consultants getting results is half the battle. How you get them is the other half.

    Thomas A. Radice

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Carol   Bocchino, Ph.D.

    Accelerating performance means decelerating conflict, reducing decision cycle time, minimizing noise, and breaking down silos. Friction is the enemy of speed.

    Carol Bocchino, Ph.D.

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Pete  Elder

    The tipping point for becoming a high-performance team is when peers hold peers—and the leader—accountable for results.

    Pete Elder

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Jim  Bennett

    Guttman views leadership not as a title or position, but as a set of high-performing, organization-wide behaviors.

    Jim Bennett

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Laura  Christenson

    In Guttman’s view, organizations are aligned when they are in sync both vertically and horizontally.

    Laura Christenson

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Wendy R. Weidenbaum

    Horizontal organizations don’t just happen.  They are counterintuitive and must be created, which is a central goal of Guttman’s consulting approach.

    Wendy R. Weidenbaum

    Associate Senior Consultant

  • Greg  Brewer

    Empowerment puts a heavy burden on leaders, who must ensure that those held accountable for results are prepared to deliver them.

    Greg Brewer

    Associate Senior Consultant

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Are You a High-Performance Leader? 

How well do you stack up against our criteria for high-performance leadership? Take the following brief quiz to find out. Answer yes, no, or I don’t know to each of the following questions...

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