The Guttman Difference

Guttman transforms how people show up and work together: how they lead, make decisions, perform, and manage conflict. People become accountable for their success, peers, and even their leader. They begin to achieve breakthrough performance. The result is swift and significant: horizontal, high-performance teams and organizations that are less top-down and hierarchical work cross-functionally, confront and resolve issues openly, make decisions fast, and are fiercely competitive.

Guttman Development Strategies is a woman-owned business. We offer innovative development opportunities for senior-level executives seeking to realize their full leadership potential.

Organization Development for Breakthrough Performance. Building high-performing, horizontal teams and organizations is the most effective way to bring about fundamental change, achieve rapid results, and gain long-term competitive advantage. Guttman is renowned for its integrated, assertive approach to organization development built around three primary focus areas:


Leadership Team Alignment
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Development

While the Guttman services can be applied with great advantage as stand-alone entities, their transformative power becomes fully realized when they are carefully integrated. As organizations move from senior-team to multi-tier alignment, then to team and individual leadership coaching support, and on to sharpening leadership capabilities, old hierarchical and siloed patterns of behavior change, a culture of accountability emerges, and mindsets shift to fully engaged players and “owners.” The transformation to a high-performing, horizontal organization is well underway.

Since 1989, we have worked alongside clients to transform team and individual performance, redefine how decisions get made and executed, and reframe how functions and individuals interact. We have put to work a proven process—supported by expert consultants, facilitators, and coaches—for hundreds of clients, including Fortune 100 corporations, mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.

Many of our clients are industry standouts who retain us not because they are underperforming but because they seek to overperform. As industry leaders, they know they must do more to outdistance competitors. Other organizations engage us because they are convinced they must take up their game. Some have reached a plateau and can’t go higher because they cannot harness existing talent and capabilities. They possess great individual resources, but misalignment, internal conflict, and silo thinking create dysfunctional teams unable to produce standout results.

The Guttman High-Performance Team
Our professionals are senior-level organization development consultants with extensive line and staff experience. Besides being highly skilled professionals, they are superior communicators. Why is that important? Corporate leaders value clarity and concision. And we all appreciate those who can communicate with enthusiasm and engage others. Our long-lasting client relationships attest to the excellence of our process for achieving high performance, the skill of our team of professionals, and the ability to be sensitive to the cultural and political nuances within an organization.

The Guttman difference goes beyond our proven processes for building high-performing, horizontal organizations, our integrated approach to organization development, our skilled consultants, and our deep reservoir of cross-industry experience.  It also extends to our many clients and the synergy of working in partnership to create teams and organizations built for excellent performance.


The GDS high-performance approach became critical to how we did business. It helped us get to where we wanted to go, accomplish great things, and dramatically increase profitability.

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