Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.  All programs are designed to improve the leadership capabilities of individuals and teams in order to achieve optimal results for the organization.

Guttman offers an organization-specific approach to capability development. Our state-of-the-art processes for leadership development are delivered in intensive, pragmatic programs designed to meet current and evolving business needs and objectives. At a time when talent management and building leadership bench strength are defining issues, our multi-faceted approach provides current and high-potential leaders with a variety of development experiences, ranging from assessments to targeted learning opportunities to identifying venues within companies for professional growth and development. 

Programs are designed to meet agreed-upon objectives and are based on  needs assessments. The learning format is highly interactive, combining capabilities transfer and practice, using live business issues that are relevant to the client organization. This participant-centered approach gives Guttman leadership programs a unique, dynamic quality that generates enthusiasm and increases ROI.

Guttman’s capability development programs achieve high impact:

  • Program objectives are linked to business objectives.
  • Programs are designed to meet specific leadership development objectives.
  • The focus is squarely on on-job application.
  • Learning methodology is tailored to participants’ learning requirements.
  • Participants are provided with clear standards for assessing their current behavior and their progress toward improvement.
Guttman leadership development is ideally suited to building the capabilities of both individuals and teams. For those teams that have been through the leadership alignment process, moving to a high-performance, horizontal model requires mastering a range of capabilities, such as those relating to team leadership and emotional intelligence, all of which are provided by Guttman. Our leadership development programs also support our leadership coaching for teams and individual executives, where the need to acquire additional capabilities is essential to raising performance to higher levels.

The Guttman-Corporate University Partnership

Guttman's Leadership Development programs form an integral part of many corporate universities. Our services go beyond program offerings to include advice on how to best structure an organization's learning environment to meet the evolving needs of clients. Our long-standing partnership with corporate universities is a testament to the quality of our consultants and our standard and customized program offerings.

Given the growing complexity within organizations, Guttman’s team of experienced consultants will work alongside clients to create results-based capability development programs designed to meet unique business needs.


Case Studies

  • Organizational Influence

    The ability to influence, rather than dictate, outcomes has become increasingly important, especially when an executive or manager enjoys only positional authority. This is especially true in highly decentralized environments.

Thought Leadership

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