Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to accelerated performance. Our leadership coaching extends to both senior and high-potential executives, as well as to executive teams. The Guttman approach to individual leadership coaching offers a comprehensive assessment and coaching process. It is results oriented and identifies the specific behavioral success factors needed to produce measurable results.
Guttman provides high-potential executives with coaching that is tailored to meet their individual needs and those of their organization. Guttman’s skilled, senior-level coaches:
  • Serve as an objective sounding board
  • Provide an unbiased channel for feedback from the organization
  • Support, encourage, and, when necessary, confront
  • Translate tested behavioral principles into pragmatic guidelines for change
  • Keep the focus on changing observable workplace behavior

Leadership Coaching typically focuses on three key areas:

  • Organization Strategy and Alignment
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Influencing/Conflict Resolution Skills
Each year, Guttman professionals coach hundreds of executives, helping them reach inwardly—and look outwardly to significant others—to develop, grow, and achieve. It is a journey that is a true partnership, one in which the Guttman coach employs the latest coaching approaches to objectively assess leadership development needs, explore possibilities with the coachee, monitor progress, and ensure that the change is sustained over time.

Much of Guttman’s leadership coaching takes place within the context of our team alignment work, which transforms teams to horizontal, high-performing entities. Leadership coaching for teams plays a pivotal role in rapidly shifting mind-sets and behaviors toward the new model. Whether team coaching takes place as a support for our team alignment process or is independent of it, the core objective is to substantially decrease the friction and “noise” that often impair team performance.

Like leadership coaching for individual executives, leadership team-based coaching is rigorously behavioral in its approach, with Guttman coaches assessing behaviors through a combination of on-site observation and individual interviews. This enables Guttman coaches and teams to work together to “hold up a mirror” to the team in real time, diagnose performance, develop a strategy for corrective action, then guide the team as behaviors shift and are sustained. Where skill deficiency is a causal factor for team underperformance, Guttman offers a range of programs ideally suited to improve how teams and their members interact to achieve results.

Trust is an essential ingredient in successful leadership coaching, and our long-standing coaching relationships are a testament to the trust we have earned with our clients.




Case Studies

  • The Alpha Executive

    A highly experienced SVP of marketing was hired away from a competitor to revitalize a pet food company. He was a charismatic individual, with star status and great business acumen, but before long he began to alienate peers and reports with his condescending attitude and sarcasm.

  • The Uncommunicative Executive

    When his team gave him candid feedback for the first time, Roy Anise, former vice president and general manager of Chrysalis Technologies, was surprised to learn that they judged him to be far more aggressive than he believed he was.

Thought Leadership

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