"Developing High-Performing Leaders” was not merely a training experience, but a team-building event. Participants built trust and relationships; … they learned how to play in the same sandbox and... manage their people better....We’re now managing meetings for speed, clarifying issues, and resolving them by assigning ownership, stakeholders, and a time frame. This has shortened issue-resolution time....The session changed my team’s morale, behavior, and emotional acceptance of the process.
--Jeff Erle, CEO, MobilityWare

Our Services

Our Services

As a premiere organization development consulting firm, Guttman provides a range of services in three core areas: Leadership Team Alignment, Leadership Coaching, and Leadership Development

Each of Guttman’s core service areas—Leadership Team Alignment, Leadership Coaching, and Leadership Development—are powerful vehicles for elevating the performance of teams and individuals.  But game-changing, breakthrough performance comes about when the three services are integrated into a comprehensive approach that creates horizontal organizations and high performance teams within them.

Leadership Team Alignments build a high-performance culture, a set of behaviors, and a way of operating that begins with senior teams and cascades to key teams at succeeding levels.  Leadership Coaching ensures that teams and individual become adept at working effectively in the new horizontal, high-performing environment.  Leadership Development equips everyone with the “know how” to succeed in an organization that works horizontally rather than in silos, that redefines the nature of accountability, that is transparent and focuses on rapid issue resolution,  and that is stridently performance- and results-based.

The Guttman approach is collaborative and client centered.  We work off each client’s agenda, using time-tested processes that leverage the experience of clients and the expertise of our consultants to  leave behind a permanent capability. Our consulting team is acutely aware of cultural nuances and organizational dynamics, both crucial to building trust and making change “stick.”

Additional Organization Development Services

In addition to the services in the three core areas just described, Guttman offers an array of organization development initiatives targeted to specific issues and needs including:

  • Brand/Category Teams

  • Change Management

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation

  • Decision Making

  • Negotiation Readiness

  • New-Leader Assimilation

  • Personal/Team Effectiveness

  • Process Observation

  • Project Support

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team Coaching

The organization development consulting solutions offered by Guttman Development Strategies (GDS) aim at significantly increasing issue-resolution speed and agility, while reducing the friction that compromises performance and impairs competitiveness.

The three core sets of Guttman services, supplemented by a range of related service offerings, provide an integrated approach to organization development and change.


Case Studies

  • The Colluding Team

    October 10, 2011

    The CEO of an international consumer packaging company met in Europe with his company’s divisional presidents to roll out a new global strategy. The initial response was enthusiastic, but one executive kept raising doubting Thomas-type questions.

  • Organizational Influence

    The ability to influence, rather than dictate, outcomes has become increasingly important, especially when an executive or manager enjoys only positional authority. This is especially true in highly decentralized environments.

  • Applied Biosystems

    When Catherine Burzik became president of Applied Biosystems (AB), she knew she faced stiff challenges. The company she was about to lead had been stagnant for several years, with little revenue growth and falling stock prices.

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