Leadership Development

Organizational Influence

Leading by Influencing Across Your Organization

About the Program

As organizations become increasingly matrixed and global, the ability to influence others has become a must have for leaders. When working across functions and geographies, leaders are often expected to produce results through people over whom they have no direct authority. How can you become a powerful influencer across your organization, one who commands respect without commanding? And one who can turn your agenda into theirs by gaining the commitment of others rather than forcing compliance? This interactive session probes the dynamics of power and organizational politics. Participants will examine how they show up to others. They will learn to become more agile in their interpersonal relationships, able to employ the full range of influencing behaviors that will enable them to project a new, more powerful image. They will learn how to take the measure of key colleagues—potential partners, fence sitters, and adversaries—and frame strategies for positioning their ideas and plans for maximum acceptance by each group. 

Who Should Attend

Both managers and individual contributors will profit from this program, especially those responsible for achieving results through colleagues over whom they have no direct authority.

Learning Objectives

By the end of “Leading by Influencing Across Your Organization,” participants will have:

  • Become aware of the degree to which they are viewed as a powerful, influential force in their organization
  • Learned techniques for modifying or changing their image and becoming a stronger force
  • Gained practical tips for understanding and navigating organizational politics
  • Learned how to assess the degree of cooperation they can expect from key colleagues
  • Used the “Matrix for Framing Strategies” to vary the way they market their ideas to colleagues
  • Created a concrete “Influence Plan” that will enable them to  achieve results across their organization 

Learning Format

Concept briefings, role plays, practice, and structured application to ensure transfer of capabilities to the job

Program Duration

Two days

Case Studies

  • Organizational Influence

    The ability to influence, rather than dictate, outcomes has become increasingly important, especially when an executive or manager enjoys only positional authority. This is especially true in highly decentralized environments.

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