Leadership Development

Accelerating Team Performance

About the Program

In today’s organizations, work gets done through teams. Unless team members are aligned, accountable for one another’s success, fully engaged, and competent to act, you are not likely to succeed. But no team is capable of operating at peak performance from Day One, though you can accelerate the process. This highly intensive and interactive two-day program is exclusively for intact teams and is designed to quickly move your team along the path to high performance. Team members will learn to diagnose their team’s behavior through mastery of the “Team Development Wheel.” This will enable them to accurately assess the team’s  “as is,” identify the blockers preventing them from attaining peak performance, and develop  a shared understanding of—and commitment to—a game-changing strategy for team success.

This is a hands-on program, dealing with both structured exercises and “live” team issues. Participants will to begin redefine their business relationships and ways of working together individually and as a team.

Who Should Attend

Leaders and members of intact teams

Learning Objectives

During the session, participants will:

  • Understand the various stages through which a team progresses on its journey to high performance
  •  Assess precisely where their team is positioned on the “Team Development Wheel”
  • Identify their individual and collective strengths
  • Look for potential opportunities—and derailers—as they strive to raise performance levels
  • Build strong relationships and greater trust among one another
  • Uncover and replace negative “stories” that have been impeding their ability to work together
  • Reduce blind spots that negatively impact performance
  • Formalize productive ways of working together as a team
  • Plan next steps to continue the momentum built up during the session

Learning Format

Concept briefings, practice, and application to existing team issues.

Program Duration

Two days


Case Studies

  • Creating a Team of Leaders

    Often, Guttman is retained by clients to coach not just individual executives, but an entire team, as it strives to reach high performance. In the case of Redken USA, then-SVP Patrick Parenty brought us in to align his team.

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