When Goliaths Clash Rereleased

Book on Workplace Conflict Timely for Downturns

Press Release

A new, paperback edition of Howard M. Guttman’s When Goliaths Clash: Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization, has just been released, according to Mt. Arlington Business Press, publisher of the book.

“With its hyperactivity and speed, global reach, and reliance on electronic communication,” commented Guttman, “the 21st-century organization has become a holding pen for conflict. With mounting uncertainty about the future and the fear it engenders, and as cut-back management becomes the new initiative of choice, underground conflict will become an even greater performance deflator.” Added Guttman, “The invisible cost of conflict creates operating inefficiency and dulls the competitive edge, as employees at every level become tentative and more focused on themselves than on the marketplace.” 

Guttman continued, “Companies such as Alcoa, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, GE, Xerox, and Whirlpool are already making across-the-board cuts. Why not take steps to recession-proof organizations by making sure that employees who survive downsizing learn to confront issues—and one another—head on, stay focused on the critical priorities needed for survival and success, and step up to new levels of performance and accountability?”

When Goliaths Clash is a powerful, original book that treats conflict as a key business issue. Based on Guttman’s 25+ years of consulting and a 10-year survey of over 300 executive teams, and laced with dozens of real-life examples, it combines insights into organizational dynamics with a wealth of practical advice for how senior executives can move their organizations from conflict to healthy confrontation to business results. 

When Goliaths Clash was selected by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the 30 Best Business Books of 2003. The 2008 edition is available on ($16.95) or direct from the publisher (

Guttman Development Strategies, Inc. ( is a Mount Arlington, New Jersey–based management consulting firm specializing in building high-performance teams, executive coaching, strategic and organizational alignment, and project implementation. GDS has been ranked #11 among Leadership Development consulting firms by Leadership Excellence magazine. Among GDS's U.S. and international clients are Calvin Klein; Chico's FAS, Inc.; Colgate-Palmolive, John Hancock; Johnson & Johnson; L'Oréal USA; Mars Inc.; Novartis; PepsiCo.; and Schering-Plough. Howard M. Guttman’s latest book is Great Business Teams: Cracking the Code for Standout Performance (Wiley, 2008). 

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