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Guttman Development Strategies, Champions of Excellence

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In October’s issue of Leadership Excellence, we ranked Guttman Development Strategies as number 11 in the category of consultants, trainers and coaches.

“We are gratified by the public recognition of our work, given to us by an important management publication,” stated Howard M. Guttman, founding principal of GDS. “Today’s investors and other stakeholders demand greater, more consistent, and quicker top-and bottom-line results from senior management teams.”

GDS was founded in 1989 and focuses on building high-performance teams, executive coaching, and strategic and operational alignment. Guttman and his staff of 25 consultants are known for creating programs and processes that are pragmatic, results oriented, and produce observable change.

“The pressure is on to create new horizontal structures, with a new style of leadership that replaces the old leader-follower model with teams of leaders, at every level. It takes savvy and courage to do so, which is why a good deal of credit for the award goes to our clients,” Guttman said.

In additions to GDS being the sponsor of October’s issue, Howard M. Guttman was featured on the cover of October’s issue, as was his article “Accepting Feedback. Guttman’s second book, “Great Business Teams: Cracking the Code for Standout Performance”, was published by John Wiley & Sons in June 2008.

Congratulations are due to GDS and Howard Guttman.

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