Business coach in Mt. Arlington N.J. gets personal with new book


Business coach in Mt. Arlington N.J. gets personal with new book

by: Sally Silverman

The Daily Record

Howard M. Guttman, principal of Guttman Development Strategies in Mount Arlington, has just written his third book, Coach Yourself To Win, published in October by McGraw-Hill.

Reading between the lines: This book is different from Guttman's first two business books, Great Business Teams and When Goliaths Clash, because it's a crossover for businesses and everybody else, Guttman said. "It brings the lessons of the executive coach to the individual."

The company: Guttman Development Strategies specializes in executive coaching; building horizontal, high-performance teams; strategic and organizational alignment; and management development training.

Business and the economy: "We've never been busier. Companies don't have big armies of internal consultants," he said. "When I worked at ADP and Johnson & Johnson, they had internal people who did this. Those days are gone."

Objectively speaking: "It's hard to be on the inside and hold up the mirror. We have no agenda," Guttman said.

Beginnings: Guttman was born in Newark on Jan. 17, 1951 and grew up there and in Union. He graduated from the Florham Park campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a teaching degree in history and later received a graduate degree from Case Western Reserve University's School of Applied Social Sciences. "I wanted to be a history teacher, but it was during the Vietnam War and because I had a low (draft) number, no one would hire me," he said.

Guttman took a job with the New Jersey Historical Society but was not sure what he really wanted to do, he said. "I thought about museum studies or library science, but when I took a course on organizational development, I loved it," he said.

Career path: After working at ADP and J&J, Guttman began his own company in 1989, "in his garage."

"Then we added a wing onto the house, and then I came here," he said.

At home: Guttman and his wife, Jackie, live in Ledgewood and Long Beach Island and have three children, Michelle, Chuck and Melissa, and a grandchild, Keely, who all live in Manhattan. "My wife runs the company, I'm just the face," he said.

Leisure time: Guttman enjoys weighlifting, kayaking, biking, and is a classic movie buff. His favorite: "Casablanca."

Mentor/role model: Bernie Kessler, who was vice president of human resources at ADP. "He gave me a picture of what top consultants are like. He called things straight and didn't beat around the bush," Guttman said.

Best part of job: "Seeing clients evolve and knowing that I played a part in it. Whether as individuals or teams, seeing them get to a higher level of performance is gratifying," Guttman said.

If  not this, what? "I would like to own a movie theater and show classic films and then talk about them, or own a classic car dealership," Guttman said.

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