Results That Matter

Results That Matter

How effective are we? The results of our work with clients speak for themselves:

“We have achieved 25 percent greater growth than a year ago. . . . People at every level are more willing to step up and contribute . . . There is also a much greater awareness of our strategic vision and, as a result, higher motivation and involvement on all levels.”
—Petros Kalkanis; Managing Director; Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Care; Russia, Ukraine, and the other former Soviet Republics

“. . . steady, consistent sales growth of 9.6 percent over five years; market-share growth of more than four points over three years; and profit growth that exceeds sales growth.” 
—William D. Higgins, President, Ricola U.S.A.

“The company has continued to grow, breaking records in a way that has far exceeded the senior team’s expectation.”
—Ken Bloom, CEO, INTTRA, Inc.

“. . . Redken achieved 10 years of double-digit sales and profit growth—a record no other hair care company has matched in the last decade.”
—Patrick  Parenty, President, Brands, Professional Products Division, L’Oréal USA, Inc.

“We’ve met and exceeded the goals we set for ourselves three years ago. We have achieved consistent annual growth of 20 percent in the bottom line. We’ve almost doubled profitability in the business.”
John Doumani, Managing Director, Fonterrra Australia New Zealand

“. . . we were able to move quickly to optimize the value of an acquisition. . . . We went from identifying the acquisition to closing it—including raising over a billion dollars of financing from the outside market—in three months. We went from separate entities to full integration in six months.”
—Bob Gamgort, CEO, Pinnacle Foods


Case Studies

  • Applied Biosystems

    When Catherine Burzik became president of Applied Biosystems (AB), she knew she faced stiff challenges. The company she was about to lead had been stagnant for several years, with little revenue growth and falling stock prices.

  • Creating a Team of Leaders

    Often, Guttman is retained by clients to coach not just individual executives, but an entire team, as it strives to reach high performance. In the case of Redken USA, then-SVP Patrick Parenty brought us in to align his team.

  • How Sabra Spreads High-Performance

    Ronen Zohar is CEO of U.S.-based Sabra Dipping Company, LLC, a leading spread and dip company known for its line of refrigerated products, including hummus, salsa, and guacamole. It operates in four countries and employs 700 people. Sabra was founded in 2007 as a 50-50 joint venture between PepsiCo and Israeli-based food manufacturer, Strauss.

  • Organizational Influence

    The ability to influence, rather than dictate, outcomes has become increasingly important, especially when an executive or manager enjoys only positional authority. This is especially true in highly decentralized environments.

  • Showing up Powerfully

    A human resources executive in a Fortune 100 company had just been promoted to head of HR for the Asia/Pacific Region, and the company’s COO recommended that GDS coach him through the transition period.

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