Case Studies/Clients

Case Studies/Clients

Leadership Team Alignment

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  • Sabra Dipping Company, LLC

    Ronen Zohar is CEO of U.S.-based Sabra Dipping Company, LLC, a leading spread and dip company known for its line of refrigerated products, including hummus, salsa, and guacamole. It operates in four countries and employs 700 people. Sabra was founded in 2007 as a 50-50 joint venture between PepsiCo and Israeli-based food manufacturer, Strauss.... more

  • Mars, Inc. Latin American Division

    When Brian Camastral took over Mars, Inc.’s Latin American Division in 2005, the 3,000-associate operation had been consistently underperforming. The region was comprised of four business units: Two were losing money, one was declining, and the fourth was growing incrementally.... more

  • Applied Biosystems

    When Catherine Burzik became president of Applied Biosystems (AB), she knew she faced stiff challenges. The company she was about to lead had been stagnant for several years, with little revenue growth and falling stock prices.... more

Leadership Coaching

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  • The Uncommunicative Executive

    When his team gave him candid feedback for the first time, Roy Anise, former vice president and general manager of Chrysalis Technologies, was surprised to learn that they judged him to be far more aggressive than he believed he was.... more

  • The Colluding Team

    The CEO of an international consumer packaging company met in Europe with his company’s divisional presidents to roll out a new global strategy. The initial response was enthusiastic, but one executive kept raising doubting Thomas-type questions.... more

  • Showing up Powerfully

    A human resources executive in a Fortune 100 company had just been promoted to head of HR for the Asia/Pacific Region, and the company’s COO recommended that GDS coach him through the transition period.... more

Leadership Development

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  • Developing High-Performance Leaders

    Developing leadership capabilities among the ranks of senior executives and mid-tier managers is essential for the future growth and success of organizations, as these Guttman clients discovered:... more

  • High-Performance Project Implementation

    In today's organizations, much of the work gets done through project teams, which is why Guttman has designed a project management program that uniquely combines leadership skill development and team dynamics with the mastery of project management tools.... more

  • Win-Win Negotiation

    The "art of the deal" is a learnable and essential skill for any individual or team tasked with negotiating "big deals," as well as day-to-day contracts, licensing arrangements, vendor agreements, and the like.... more


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Thought Leadership

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