GDS Recognized as Top Leadership Development Firm


GDS Recognized as Top Leadership Development Firm

Press Release

September 28, 2007

Guttman Development Strategies, Inc. (GDS) has been selected by Leadership Excellence magazine as one of the top consulting firms in leadership development. 

According to Ken Shelton, the publication's editor, "We selected GDS as one the 20 best consulting groups in leadership development, from a candidate pool of over 1,000 organizations." Shelton added, "[Selection was] based on seven criteria, including the benefits to the participants and client organizations."  

Observes Ken Shelton, "GDS brings a potent combination of real-world experience and conceptual understanding of leadership principles and practices."

"We are gratified by the public recognition of our work, given to us by an important management publication," stated Howard M. Guttman, founding principal of GDS, which is located in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey. "Today's investors and other stakeholders demand greater, more consistent, and quicker top-and bottom-line results from senior management teams," Guttman said. He continued, "The pressure is on to create new horizontal structures, with a new style of leadership that replaces the old leader-follower model with teams of leaders, at every level. It takes savvy and courage to do so, which is why a good deal of credit for the award goes to our clients." 

 Courage aside, Guttman observes that "leaders who have learned to operate horizontally and as high-performance players have boosted market value, energized their organizations, and created greater excitement among investors, customers, and employees.

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